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At our restaurant, we strive to offer the best possible dining experience. With the added convenience of online ordering, you can now enjoy the same great food from the comfort of your own home.



a traditional Japanese dish consisting of a meat- or fish-based broth, noodles and a range of vegetables and protein, has grown in popularity in recent years.


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Bring the taste of our restaurant to your next event with our catering service, we offer a wide range of dishes that are sure to impress your guests and leave them with a memorable dining experience.



Originating in Japan, consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients such as raw seafood and vegetables. We offer a variety of Specialty House Rolls, along with nigiri and sashimi.


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Our restaurant is also equipped with a walk-in seating option for those who did not make a reservation.


Poke & Boba

Boba tea is made of tea, milk, water, sugar and tapioca pearls. Iced sweet milky tea is given a good cocktail-style shake, after which tapioca pearls are added. Typical versions use black, green or oolong tea, although recently more flavors have appeared.


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